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The new 2023-2025 grant request period is open.

The new 2023-2025 grant request period is open and the HECC is hosting a Virtual Information Session next Wednesday, June 21st at 3:00pm. Please RSVP and get the link at

All Program Partners must reapply to continue funding for the next two years, and new partners are invited to apply, too. Come learn about how an Oregon Conservation Corps grant can help your organization save homes and change lives in your community.

Powering greatness by supporting Oregon youth!

The Pacific Power Foundation has leveraged the State’s 5-to-1 Public Private partnership by donating $20,000 to Oregon Conservation Corps. Their donation will make $120,000 worth of impact by funding youth crew efforts like clearing hazardous debris, and creating defensible spaces around homes and businesses.

“Investing in wildfire prevention and skilled workforce training for youth across our service territory are vital efforts we are committed to and we thank you for providing this partnership opportunity.” —Pacific Power

These young workers are training to be the next generation of wildfire crew members and land managers—the ones protecting Oregon’s future.

Now that’s powerful.

Protect Oregon’s playground

Biking, hiking, swimming, climbing, fishing…they’re all so much harder to do under smoky skies.

Protect Oregon’s playground by donating to Oregon Conservation Corps. Funds are used to hire underserved youth and train them in wildfire prevention skills. These young crews clear hazardous fuels and establish defensible spaces around homes and businesses in Oregon communities all over the state.

You can help will create opportunities, prevent fires, keep our skies clear and our wild spaces beautiful. Give to Oregon Conservation Corps today and leverage a 5-to-1 match by the state up to $1 million. It all goes to protect the Oregon we love.

“I’m in my element.”

Given the opportunity, OCC youth corps-members will look you in the eye and share how your support is making the difference. “We’re making it easier for first responders to deal with fires,” says Michael, 21. “I want to be part of something that makes a difference and I’m glad I found that place here.”

If you’ve made a gift to Oregon Conservation Corps this year, young people like Michael want to say “THANK YOU!” And if you haven’t, there’s still one month left to leverage the State’s 5-to-1 Private-Public partnership to multiply your donation’s impact.

Help Michael and his crew save homes and change lives in Oregon.

“I’m grateful to have found a career path.”

If you ask Kyra the best part about joining Oregon Conservation Corps, she’ll tell you it’s about the scenery and the dynamics of working with a team.

She’ll also tell you she doesn’t like the idea of working under fluorescent lights everyday. “I’ve loved being outdoors my whole life,” days Kyra. “I’m grateful to have found a career path that allows me to work in beautiful scenery all day.”

Support youth like Kyra in following their passions and filling Oregon’s need for wildland managers and firefighters of the future. Donate today, and help unlock an additional $1 million in State funding for OCC programs. Show young people like Kyra how much you care about their future.

The Oregon Community Rebuilding Fund gives $50,000

The Oregon Community Rebuilding Fund is a partnership between the Oregon Community Foundation, Meyer Memorial Trust, the Ford Family Foundation and the American Red Cross, with primary funding through individual donations, plus corporate and foundation support.

The mission of The Fund is perfectly aligned with the purpose of the Oregon Conservation Corps. Both are using community-led programs to build resilience for Oregon residents and communities most impacted by wilfdire.

You can join this dynamic partnership and help unlock the $1 million of funding from the State that will help the Oregon Conservation Corps continue creating fire-adapted communities while training the workforce of tomorrow.

May is Oregon Wine Month

May is also the start of Oregon’s wildfire season. Wildfires are stoking the risk of catastrophic damage in wine regions throughout our beautiful state.

The Oregon Conservation Corps is working to protect Oregon’s valuable resources—including businesses like vineyards and wineries—by reducing hazardous fuels and creating defensible spaces that mitigate the risk of wildfire.

A donation to Oregon Conservation Corps is an investment in the future of the Oregon wine industry. Give generously today!

PGE Foundation donates $20,000

Last month, the PGE Foundation hosted a funders call for the Oregon Conservation Corps—and then they followed up by giving $20,000 to the cause. Wow!

Will you join the PGE Foundation in supporting youth programs throughout the state that train crews to protect our communities from devastating wildfires?

Give now until June 30, 2023 and your donation will be matched 5-to-1 by the State Legislature. You can help unlock $1 million that will help the Oregon Conservation Corps save homes and change lives.

Program Partner: Klamath Falls

Through Program Partners like @iyskids, young corps-members have cleared hundreds of acres of forest fuel—creating defensible space around homes and businesses throughout Oregon.

“I thought the density of the brush was nice, but didn’t realize the danger it posed. The crew came through, thinned everything out, put it in piles, and then burned those piles. I’m going to be left with a cleaner property that’s much safer.” —Matt Henry, Douglas County

Support the work of Integral Youth Services and other Program Partners by giving to Oregon Conservation Corps today. Through June 30, 2023 every dollar you donate will be multiplied by five times—up to $1,000,000 total.

Program Partner: Roseburg

Students at Phoenix Charter School are learning hands-on skills that will prepare them for a career in conservation, land management, or wildland firefighting.

And they’re gaining confidence to be tomorrow’s leaders, too.

“Homeowners are really receptive,” says Ethan, 21. “They are happy to see us working and making their land more fire-wise.”

Your gift to the Oregon Conservation Corps supports the work of Phoenix School students, as well as other OCC Program Partners throughout the state. And now through June 30, 2023 every dollar you donate will have five-times the impact.