Rave Reviews for the Oregon Conservation Corps!

“I am thrilled to have had this program for my property and neighborhood. Living in the woods makes all of us vulnerable to wildfire. We are part of the interface area that has been identified by the Eugene/Springfield fire department as high risk of wildfire, with high risk loss of property and lives. This program makes it possible to reduce the volume of foliage and gives all of us a much more manageable way to reduce fire risk. Please adopt this program permanently for all of Oregon.”

Ronna Frank
Lane County

“It’s been an amazing transformation. I thought the density of the brush was nice, but didn’t realize the danger it posed. The crew came through, thinned everything out, put it in piles, and then burned those piles. I’m going to be left with a cleaner property that’s much safer.”

Matt Henry
Douglas County

“I would like to express my appreciation to the crew that cleared my property and all the other properties around town. My land is a steep bank down to the river. We tried to get it cleared by several private contractors but they all said that it would be too difficult and dangerous to clear it off all the way up to the house. Your young crew members had no problem at all—during some rather hot weather! They are doing good and important work, and I think they deserve some recognition.”

Bill Rigney
Gold Hill City Councilor
Jackson County

“I am blown away at the amount of work they did! So amazing! I feel so much more comfortable and secure when fire season starts. The teams worked constantly and so hard. I am 67 yrs old, work full-time, and am raising my granddaughter, so time and money is an issue. I am SO GRATEFUL!!!”

Nancy Padberg
Clackamas County

“We had two days worth of cutting, trimming, and removing hazardous fuels along the perimeter of our subdivision. The workers were very prompt, knowledgeable, and hard working. They removed approximately 40 cubic yards of wildfire fuels. Our subdivision is now much safer from the threat of wildfire.”

Robert Pohly
Deschutes County

“We were so impressed with the whole experience, starting with the excellent explanation of what to expect from the amazing crew. We were treated with respect and warmth throughout the whole process. Our property was improved, but more importantly we have a better sense of what we need to do to maintain the head start we received from participating in this program. Please thank Ian and the crew members for the excellent job they did on our property.”

Colleen Bauman
Lane County

“This program was an answer to our prayers. My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given a year to live. We were so glad to have this program help us with our property. I especially enjoyed the young people who were working so hard. This was giving them some much-valued work experience. It certainly helped us out and made us feel safer. It will also help our community get things under control in our area. We are very grateful.”

Karen Shannon
Deschutes County

“Truly outstanding experience. From the leader on down, everybody made a huge difference. Super nice, very professional, and also very genuine. I couldn’t have been more impressed. Love your work and this program!”

Sean Rollins
Lane County

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    “My favorite part about this program is teaching youth valuable professional and life skills, ensuring that they receive the ability to further their careers. I would tell an elected official that the Oregon Conservation Corps is an excellent program to fund. Wildfires and mega-fires are very costly, especially with recovery efforts from the loss of timber, ecosystems, recreation, urban infrastructure, etc. By reducing the severity of wildfires through this work, the State of Oregon will protect our valuable resources and save money in the long run.”

    Chad Roose
    U.S. Forest Service
    Douglas County

    “The crew did a great job. As a former Battalion Chief with U.S. BLM, I have always believed in AmeriCorps-type projects that improve defensible space. This work directly benefits communities by supporting firefighters and the public alike. Keep up the good work.”

    Brian Mulhollen
    Jackson County

    “I can’t express how wonderful these kids are. They came to my house to protect my property from fire. They were productive, friendly, happy, and they enjoyed working in the heat and doing whatever they could to protect my house. Again, these kids are amazing. They are a true delight!”

    Sheya Rondeau
    Lane County

    “It was a very positive experience. The kids worked very hard. They were always respectful and pleasant. We really appreciate the work they did and the interactions we shared with them. I would recommend this program to anyone that is eligible. We had a wonderful experience and very much appreciate the hard-working crews.”

    Owen and Linda Taxdal
    Lane County

    “Our entire town is so appreciative of the work that the Northwest Youth Corps did for us. The team showed up bright and early every day, never complaining about the huge task before them. When your town is nestled into the hilly forests of Southern Oregon, you have to live with the constant fear of fire. The Youth Corps helped all of us feel safer, and you can’t put a price on that. We are immensely grateful.”

    Jessica Simpson
    Jackson County

    “The teams did a great job clearing brush, invasive species, and anything that was a fire hazard too close to my house. What I didn’t expect from this program was that it created a sense of community between neighbors. It was a great experience. I would do it again and I encourage everyone to have an assessment done on their property.”

    JoJo Jensen
    Lane County

    “A free assessment should be offered to everyone to increase their understanding of how landscaping can impact how fire spreads.”

    Barbara Theus
    Lane County

    Continuous state funding for important programs like the Oregon Conservation Corps is contingent upon decisions of the Oregon Legislature. Let your local lawmakers know how much you appreciate that this work is being done in your community!