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Jul, 01, 2023

In just four short months—from March 1 to June 30, 2023—a public-private fundraising campaign raised ~$200,000 to unlock an additional $1,000,000 from the State legislature to save homes and change lives in Oregon! Kudos to everyone who worked on this effort, and many thanks to all the future donors who will continue to support the […]

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Today is the last day to make your donation go BIG!

Jun, 30, 2023

A gift before midnight tonight will be multiplied five times by the State of Oregon. That means: Your $25 becomes $150 Your $100 becomes $600 Your $500 becomes $3000 And for youth corps-members throughout Oregon, this means they’ll have funding to keep doing what they do best—protecting homes, businesses, and communities throughout Oregon from devastating […]

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“This crew is that family that I’ve wanted for so long.” — Omar, 19

Jun, 28, 2023

For youth like Omar, funding from Oregon Conservation Corps means so much more than a job. It means working with a team that’s become family. It means gaining career skills for the future. It means overcoming barriers and thriving in the outdoors. Your gift to the Oregon Conservation Corps is a win-win because it helps […]

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Oregon Youth Conservation Corporation has donated $30,050

Jun, 26, 2023

We’re entering the final week of fundraising with more great news… the Oregon Youth Conservation Corporation has donated $30,050 to the Oregon Conservation Corps! This private non-profit organization was formed to support Oregon’s youth in community-based land conservation projects around the state. And that’s exactly what youth corps-members are doing by clearing our forests of […]

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The Gray Family Foundation has donated $10,000

Jun, 23, 2023

Oregon Conservation Corps funds programs that hire young people to do the hard work of wildfire prevention. It’s a win-win-win for Oregon’s environment, for our future workforce, and for homes, businesses, and communities all over the state. The Gray Family Foundation seeks to engage Oregonians to become active stewards of our communities and natural environments. […]

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We’ve almost reached the goal.

Jun, 21, 2023

Thanks to the generosity of Oregonians across the state, nearly $1 million has been unlocked to save homes and change lives in Oregon. Will your donation help get us across the finish line? Show your support and give to the Oregon Conservation Corps before June 30, 2023!

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So close… just 10 days left!

Jun, 20, 2023

With just 10 days left to leverage the State’s 5-to-1 Private-Public partnership, now’s the time to talk to your community. One million dollars is on the line. Oregon needs your assistance to protect our forests, our homes, and our communities from devastating wildfires. And there are youth throughout the state who are ready to do […]

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Oregon, it’s time we had a talk.

Jun, 19, 2023

Staying green and healthy takes more than putting out wildfires. It takes preventing them in the first place. Right now, youth corps-members across the state are working to do just that. With funding from Oregon Conservation Corps, they’re getting hands-on training in wildland management and creating fire-adapted communities for safer, healthier wildfire seasons ahead. You […]

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The OCCU Foundation gives $20,000

Jun, 18, 2023

Rooted in a mission to “Enrich Lives,” the Oregon Community Credit Union Foundation is uniquely positioned to harness resources and help strengthen the overall health and well-being of Oregon communities. Their generous donation to the Oregon Conservation Corps  will be multiplied five times by the State of Oregon to fund wildfire prevention efforts in and […]

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The Roundhouse Foundation donated $15,000

Jun, 17, 2023

The Roundhouse Foundation in Sisters, Oregon just made a $15,000 gift to Oregon Conservation Corps. They decided it was important to leverage the State’s 5-to-1 public-private partnership, which means their donation will actually make $90,000 of total impact. Will you join The Roundhouse Foundation with your support, too? Your gift will also be matched 5-to-1 […]

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