The Youth

The Youth

Imagine a massive youth workforce with an increased capacity to protect more homes, more business, and more communities. The Oregon Conservation Corps directly supports this workforce by providing jobs for young adults, crew leaders, on-site experts, and purchasing the equipment they require. This equals dramatic increases in the numbers of homes and communities we can protect this year, and every year going forward.

It’s a simple fact that not every young person is tailored for college, or an office cube, or a retail counter, or a delivery car. These work spaces aren’t for everyone. Some kids want to work with their hands. They’re eager to tackle serious issues today, not after college or down the road. They want to get stuff done. Right now. They feel pride in having made the world a better place at the end of a long day.

Through the Oregon Conservation Corps, these young people can make good money thriving in the best work environment on the planet—the forests of Oregon. For this workforce, it’s the best gig ever. It’s where a plaid shirt is the ultimate power tie.

It’s time to unite all of Oregon. Homeowners. Renters. Students. Senior Citizens. Middle Schoolers. Teachers. Techies. Amateur Beekeepers. Professional Athletes. Mothers. Fathers. Sons. Daughters. Introverts. Extroverts. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is you. All of you. It’s time for every Oregonian to pull together like we did back in 1941 and remember what we have here in Oregon—how we can protect it, nurture it, and grow it beautifully into the rest of the 21st century.

Stopping Fires. Starting Lives.

Courtesy of the Oregon Conservation Corps.


Seneca, 18

“It opens up many possibilities to good careers. Working out here with a private company or with the Forest Service as well.” —Seneca, 18

Rhiannon, 27, Crew Leader

“It’s so amazing. I love working with women in the woods. Just having that female support, and hyping each other up.” —Rhiannon, 27, Crew Leader

Rosie, 18

“After getting this job, I’ve been able to get on my feet, get everything stabilized in my life, and go to college.” —Rosie, 18

“I like working out in nature. There’s a few of us here ready to go join ODF. This program provides training for those fields.” —Jesse, 24

Ethan, 21

“Homeowners are really receptive. They’re happy to see us working and making their land more fire-wise.” —Ethan, 21

Mikayla, 00

“I’m proud of the work we’re doing. This is what I would call a win-win for our community.” —Mikayla, 17

Michael, 21

“We’re making it easier for first responders to deal with fires. It’s definitely a good experience helping all these people out here.” —Michael, 21

Omar, 19

“This crew is that family that I’ve wanted for so long.” —Omar, 19